Q) Why is it called the "10-Minute" Chase?

A) Once all of your prep work is completed (cutting the hole in the wall, etc) it should take approximately 10 minutes to install the actual chase.

Q) Can I use The 10-Minute Chase for Top Vent Direct Vent Fireplaces?

A) Yes, if needed you can purchase a Chase Extension which adds another 20" to the chase's height.

Q) Once The 10-Mintue Chase is installed, can it be left as is?

A) Yes, The 10-Mintue Chase has been power coated so once it is installed, you do not have to put any protectants on the outside.  It is perfectly safe for wet and cold weather conditions.

Q)  Can shingles or siding be added to the outside of The 10-Minute Chase?

A) Yes, you can add vinyl siding, light weight stone (i.e. Wingstone) and shingles to the outside of The 10-Mintue Chase to match the house.  You cannot use nails on the chase, you must use liquid nail or screw directly into the chase.

Q) How much weight can The 10-Minute Chase hold?

A) The floor pan of The 10-Minute Chase, which holds the majority of your weight can support a fireplace load of 50 lbs. per square foot and a snow load of 50 lbs. per square foot on the roof panel.